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Looking for a Butler?

We place the finest Butlers in London and throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our Butlers work in both formal and informal homes providing a first class service tailored to individual client needs.

Role of a Butler

The role of a Butler has changed over the years to accommodate the ever changing service needs and requirements of their employers, and often interchangeable with that of a House Manager.  They provide an exceptional level of service of running their employers home, so they can concentrate on business, social and family matters stress free.


Butlers may work in either a formal or informal home that ranges in size from plush apartments to period homes, and exquisite country estates and palaces in the UK and around the world.  

Employers require discretion, privacy and confidentiality from their Butlers at all times, as well an understanding of social etiquette and protocol, and the ability to provide a formal service with fine attention to detail.

Butler Duties

  • Manage household staff; organise duties and schedules; assist in staff training and development.

  • Greet guests and ensure the smooth running of formal dinners, parties and events.

  • Oversee, or participate in the setting up of formal table settings with fine attention to detail and perfection.

  • Wait on guests throughout their stay; serve meals and drinks.

  • Prepare travel arrangements; pack and unpack clothes.

  • Act as personal valet to the gentleman of the house (may or may not form part of the duties).

Knowledge & Skills of a Butler

  • Social etiquette and protocol, as well as cultural differences.

  • Manage household items and how to care and preserve them.

  • Maintain household budgets and inventories.

  • Be IT literate across a range of modern technological devices.

  • Knowledgeable about wines and spirits; maintain wine cellar.

  • Strong leadership with excellent communication, organisation and social skills.

  • Extremely resourceful; knows where and how to book a range of services, or obtain items in the local vicinity; and 

       ideally internationally.

  • Able to problem solve calmly and effectively with unwavering professionalism.

  • Use initiative to step forward and pitch in without waiting to be asked; know when to be invisible.

  • Be adaptable to the standards and requirements of the employer.

  • Languages highly desirable.

Butler Qualifications

Many Butlers fall into the profession by having acquired a broad range of skills and knowledge from working in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants and hotels, and working their way up into management within these environments.  It is following this experience that many nowadays attend a Butler Training School or Academy based in the UK, or internationally.  Another route is to obtain a City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma for Butlers at colleges around the UK.

It is rare to enter the profession without extensive experience or even without qualifications, yet occasionally, homes that are less formal may provide the opportunity based on an individual's personality, skills they can bring to the role, their professionalism and whereby an employer feels they can trust the employee implicitly.  Residences that are formal usually prefer seasoned veterans who are extremely experienced, and/or formally trained.

For the finest training in the industry, we highly recommend The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands.  All training is undertaken in a beautifully restored mansion that dates back to 1892 and set within expansive grounds.  It is the largest private estate within the country and owned by the Academy, unlike other training providers.  It was restored with the Butler Academy and its students at the forefront, which is testament to the owners dedication and commitment to the first class training and facilities offered.   Of all the rooms within the mansion, 135 are accessible to students as part of their first class training which you will not find anywhere else in the world and why many men and women travel from across the globe to attend. 

Butler Salary & Benefits

Depending on experience and qualifications, salaries can range from £25,000 to £50,000 plus for full-time positions.  Roles can be live-in, either in the main residence or within the grounds, or live-out.  Additional benefits may be offered depending on the position, location and the individual employer.

Please contact us at Bel-Rose International if you are a client looking to employ a Butler. We are a Governess, Nanny, Tutor & Household Staffing Agency providing our services to clients in London and overseas.  If you are a candidate, please submit your CV/photo in the first instance. 

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