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Recruiting First Class Nannies, Governesses, Governors, Tutors & Household Staff

Welcome Candidates

Our candidates deserve the very best service that we as a recruitment agency can provide.  We have worked in private residence and schools in the UK and internationally.  Both demanding, although in different ways, even challenging at times, but equally rewarding.

Are you are a committed and dedicated Nanny, Manny, Maternity Nanny, Governess, Governor, Tutor or Qualified Teacher? Or Housekeeper, House Manager, Butler, Chef, or other private household staff member seeking your next position in the UK or overseas? If so, we would like to hear from you. We have worked in the industry including fully staffed homes, so we understand wholeheartedly what it is like to be in your shoes.

Our clients

We represent clients from the UK and around the world ranging from business professionals to high profile families for whom many lead an international lifestyle.  Homes range from informal to formal and often fully staffed; it is imperative that you are able to work effectively within a team, as you are independently. They require the best and expect nothing less from those they employ when it comes to caring and educating their children, or providing an exemplary service in your chosen domestic household role.

Our clients often travel for business or pleasure and you will be more often than not, expected to travel with them, unless agreed otherwise, but will vary from one family to another and usually highlighted as part of your contractual duties. However,  some roles will require you to travel extensively and sometimes at short notice, so you need to be comfortable with this, before committing yourself to such roles; this applies predominantly to those employed in childcare or education, but may apply to other household staff member's dependent on the family's specific requirements and needs. 

Candidate requirements

All candidates are required to have a minimum of 5 years' experience, which can include time spent on acquiring a professional qualification or degree.  For example, if you did a 2-year nanny course, you will need an additional 3 years of practical experience. 

You need to be highly adaptable and flexible in your approach to work, well presented and well-mannered with excellent organisation and communication skills at all levels.  Our clients value honesty, loyalty and trust, where discretion and confidentiality is paramount at all times, as is your passion and commitment to working with children.  The same qualities apply to Household Staff whilst maintaining

a high level of standard and service within your specified role.

We carry out stringent security checks with previous employers and educational institutions as standard and require the following documentation as part of our registration process:


  • Enhanced DBS (UK) or Police Check from your home country is essential for all candidates regardless of role

  • Proof of Identity -  Passport and Driver's License (the latter if applicable) and Right to Work

  • Proof of address

  • National Insurance Number

  • Photo  

  • Qualifications

  • First Aid certificate

  • References -  minimum of 3 with full contact details to include title, full name, position, email, telephone number and address

  • Curriculum Vitae

Registration Process

Register your CV

All candidates are required to complete the Registration Form which will be assessed against our criteria. Please DO NOT send any other documents at this time. We see many CV's, so please make sure yours stands out and includes at least the following in a clear and concise manner: - photo and brief personal profile - education (subject, start/end date, qualification achieved, name of institution, location) - professional development courses/memberships - skills - personal qualities - employment history (start with your most recent) - hobbies, interests, activities (families like to see this) We review all CV's submitted. Please keep your CV to no more than 2 pages (3 at most).

Submit documents

If successful and you meet the criteria set, you will be required to submit your documents. Please ensure each of your documents are clearly labelled. All copies must be in colour (if applicable to original) and placed into one File/Zip Folder with your full name on it. Documents to include are as follows: - proof of identity e.g passport and driver's license - proof of address - right to work - national insurance number - qualifications - paediatric first aid certificate - enhanced DBS - 3 verifiable references (full name, professional email, phone/mobile number, address) minimum Documents are to be emailed to: info@bel-roseinternational marked Private & Confidential Data.

Invitation to interview

You will be invited to interview via Skype or WhatsApp, or in person where possible, after submission of your documentation. Please have your documentation with you for verification. During the interview, we will discuss your qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience highlighted on your CV, addressing any gaps (if applicable) and overlaps. We also learn more about you and what you are seeking from your next role, so that we can put you forward for particular roles that match your requirements, just as we match you to the client based on their consultation with us. It is important for you to be happy in your role, resulting in a long lasting placement providing continuity for both parties, or for the duration of the agreed contract.

Applying for roles

You can email us at: info@bel-roseinternational to apply for roles stating your full name, mobile number and job reference. If you have not submitted your CV, you must do this via the online registration form first to conform with GDPR requirements. Not all roles are advertised at the request of our clients due to confidentiality. In such instances, candidates who have registered their CV and submitted their documents will be contacted independently. If you have been put forward for a role, we will keep you updated. Note: Before considering international roles and asking to be put forward, please ensure you have thoroughly researched the location/country in question. Information can be found on the government website relating to travel, health and safety requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure it is right for you.

Shortlisted by client

Once our client has shortlisted you, you will be invitied to interview. This will be either face-to-face or via video call (Skype or WhatsApp). The latter two is the most commonly used video method for most international clients. A day and time will be arranged convenient for both parties. Please remember to be presentably dressed for interview, even via video call, as first impressions count. Also, make a list of questions you might like to ask the client to gain more insight into the role and location. After your interview, we will contact you via mobile to see how it went and whether you would be interested still, if offered. We also get feedback from the client where possible. If the interview was successful on both sides, the contract can be drawn up by the client and they can begin the process to obtain the necessary visas and other legalities pertaining to your employment. You are employed by the client and not the agency.

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