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Registration Fees

Registration is free to clients on a sole representation basis only. Otherwise, a stanard fee of £125 is payable.

It is free to all candidates that register their CV with us.

The fees payable to the agency listed below are separate to the salary that you pay your candidate as their employer.  The fee becomes payable once a candidate is found.  All fees must be paid prior to commencement of employment.  For international clients, a candidate cannot travel until fees are paid in full.  For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions of business

Permanent Staff

Duration:  12 weeks plus / % is net of salary

Temporary Staff

Less than 12 weeks

Let us help fill your vacancy.

Please complete the contact form and a consultant will contact you shortly to discuss your household staffing requirements in further detail.

Service Areas:

London, UK & international

Client Form

Thank you for contacting Bel-Rose International.  A consultant will contact you shortly.

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