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Teacher and Student

Looking for a Governess or Governor?

We supply English native speakers and bilingual candidates.  Whatever your family requirements, we are here to help.

We work with families across the globe and select educated Governesses and Governors that will perform their role to the highest of standards.

Role of a Governess & Governor

Prior to World War 1, a Governess was common for those who were well-off (great social standing) and living in the countryside. This allowed families to home tutor their children - girls predominantly, as boys were often sent away to boarding school. It also enabled them to travel taking their governess with them, which ensured uninterrupted education and stability for the children.  

Nearly a century on, you will find a Governess employed only by the very wealthy, such as royalty, celebrities, VIP’s and individuals of unlimited high net worth (UHNW) in London, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and more recently in Asia (China, Hong Kong and India).


During the Victorian era, the role of a Governess was undertaken only by women, but in the last 10 years there has been a demand for men to enter the profession - known as a Governor.  Just like their female counterpart, they perform exactly the same duties and care for school aged children - they do not care for young children or babies, nor do they cook family meals or do housework.  

The exact duties will vary according to the family aims and outcomes required for their child or children, and equally, to what extent lessons are delivered formally, informally, or a combination of both.

Duties of a Governess & Governor

  • Develop English language skills through all subjects including mathematics

  • Plan and prepare formal/informal lessons that are tailored to the child’s needs and level of ability

  • Provide creative, artistic, exploratory and research opportunities to support lessons that are age appropriate

  • Use different teaching methods and an array of resources that acknowledges different learning styles

  • Visit places of interest, such as museums and art galleries to develop learning and understanding of the world around us

  • Learn through play based activities

  • Accompany and participate when required in a range of sporting/extra-curricular activities

  • Support homework ensuring it is completed and handed in on time

  • Provide written and/or oral feedback to parents regularly

  • Liaise with school teachers and visiting tutors

  • Travel with family; incorporate different locations into the learning process

  • Teach good manners and social etiquette; instil good behaviour

  • Ensure the child’s overall well-being and safety at all times

Governess & Governor Qualifications

There are no college courses as such in the UK that specifically relate to the profession of Governess/Governor as these roles are typically undertaken by those who are degree educated due to the educational focus that comes with such roles.


If you are a nanny with extensive experience (usually 10 years +) with or without a childcare qualification, then some families may consider CV applications if you are able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to support their children with their academic studies, usually from working within a similar role.

Governess & Governor Salary

Salaries are high ranging from 800 to 1500 GBP and will depend on qualifications, experience, hours, exact requirements of the role and location. The majority of governess/governor roles are based internationally and come with separate accommodation in the form of an apartment, or live-in with own bedroom and bathroom.  In the UK, most roles are based in London and live-out more often than not.

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