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Household Manager

Need help to manage your home and your staff?

At Bel-Rose International, we provide House Managers and other Household Staff for our clients plush London homes and country estates, to luxury villas and palatial palaces around the world.


All our candidates are interviewed and undergo stringent security checks and posses an Enhanced DBS.

Role of a Household Manager

The role of a Household Manager is to provide a professional and high level of service to exacting standards and fine attention to detail when managing private estates and homes in the UK and internationally. They are expected to turn their hand to any task and excel in every aspect of running their employers home in an efficient and effective manner, as well as manage all household staff.

Duties of a Household Manager

Duties that a House Manager performs will vary tremendously from one home to another depending on the specific needs and requirements of their employer, such as:

  • Square footage to be managed and cared for

  • Number of staff employed

  • How often the owner/family is in residence

  • Guests that stay at the property

  • Functions that take place throughout the year

However, typical duties will include the following:

  • Hire, supervise, train and manage all household staff, as well as plan and organise staff rotas

  • Oversee all work carried out by contractors within the home or grounds

  • Prepare inventories and keep a record of all purchased items

  • Manage household accounts and payroll

  • Carry out all administrative tasks

  • Arrange and book flights, hotels, restaurants etc.

  • Plan and organise parties and functions

  • Run errands

Essential Household Manager Qualities & Skills

Household Managers need to be extremely personable and of smart appearance with excellent organisation, communication, time-keeping and management skills. They need to be able to multi-task and prioritise their workload, as well as delegate household chores; and be willing to assist staff when the need arises. Furthermore, they need to be IT literate to keep record of all administrative tasks.

Due to the varying requirements of each household, it is not uncommon for Household Managers nowadays to have additional duties, such as taking the children to and from school, collecting the dry cleaning, to carrying out additional errands. However, these duties tend to be carried out by those whose role is inextricably linked with another and is made clear in the job description and prior to commencement of employment such as:

  • Household Manager/Butler

  • Household Manager/Chauffeur

  • Household Manager/PA

  • Household Manager/Nanny

  • Household Manager/Governess

Qualifications for a Household Manager

There are no formal qualifications to train as a Private Household Manager, yet you will be expected to have the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake such an important and trusted role to the highest of professional standards which will involve managing the house and its staff. This experience may come from working in the hotel business for example. A Butler whose role is combined with that of a Household Manager will have developed their skills working in hospitality with many attending a formal training school to achieve a qualification that is recognised worldwide.  Experience and a good academic background, equally with business and administration acumen will certainly improve your chances to enter this niche profession.

Household Manager Salary & Hours

As with many roles in private households, salaries can vary tremendously, but you can expect a salary between 35,000 to 60,000 GBP per year.  Higher salaries are possible when multiple homes need to be managed.  Hours tend to be between 40 and 60 with many averaging about 50 per week. 

Accommodation for Private Household Managers

Most roles in the UK are live-out. However, international roles usually come with a separate apartment - this maybe within or outside the grounds of the family home.  Occasionally, own room and en-suite will be provided in the staff quarters. Other benefits may be provided, such as a car, or chauffeur driven enabling you to carry out your role efficiently and effectively.

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