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Placing experienced Housekeepers in homes worldwide.

Our Housekeepers are experienced professionals that take pride in caring and maintaining homes to the highest of standards.

We specialise in the placement of Childcare, Educational and Household Staff for our discerning clientele in London, throughout the UK and across the globle. Contact us today to register your vacancy or speak with a consultant.

Role of a Housekeeper

The main duty of the housekeeper is to keep a clean and tidy home whilst maintaining high hygienic standards throughout. Some employers require their employee to prepare and cook the family meal and if there are children in the house, occasionally they will be expected to supervise them (school age) when required.

Housekeeper Duties & Responsibilities

  • Wash dishes/load dishwasher and put away.

  • Change linen and make the bed.

  • Tidy rooms putting things in their rightful place.

  • Polish furniture, fittings and ornamental objects.

  • Vacuum all floors.

  • Sanitise kitchen and bathroom area including floors.

  • Polish wooden floors.

  • Schedule cleaning of windows, blinds and drapes.

  • Sort, wash and iron clothes and linen with special care given to particular fabrics, such as those that require hand-washing, or to be dry cleaned.

  • Ensure all electrically operated cleaning equipment is maintained.

  • Keep a record of any faults within the home that require fixing, or replacing.

Additional Housekeeper duties:

  • Shopping for groceries and household items.

  • Keep a record of household expenditure.

  • Prepare and cook for the family.

  • Supervise children.

  • Care for pets.

  • Answer phone and take messages.

  • Run errands as required.

Knowledge & Skills of a Housekeeper

Housekeepers are expected to know about cleaning products and sanitisation in order to maintain the cleanliness of a home to high hygienic standards; applying knowledge and use of products to items that require specialist care is important to prolong the life of such items. It is helpful to know how to use specialised cleaning equipment and how to maintain them.  You need to be physically fit and have the stamina to fulfil your duties to an exceptional standard - cutting corners is not acceptable. You need to be methodical and organised in your approach, as well as honest, loyal and reliable with excellent time management skills.

Housekeeper Qualifications & Salary

Formal qualifications are not always necessary, with many starting out as room attendants in hotels, or from working in private households.  The more experience you have behind you with top notch skills and knowledge, and a qualification being a huge bonus, will put you in a more favourable position for the higher paid positions.  International roles tend to be full-time and live-in with your own bedroom and en-suite within the family home, or shared staff house within the grounds. Those in the UK are either live-in or out with hours ranging from a few hours, part-time or full-time depending on the size of the home and the specific requirements of the employer.  Salaries on a full-time basis will range from £16,000 to £34,000 based on qualifications and experience.  The salary tends to be higher for overseas roles and net pending location. However, the salary is merely a guide.


Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Housekeeping is just one of the qualifications to obtain that will benefit you in your chosen career. Others are available within the hospitality industry.

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