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Maternity Nurse/Nanny

Maternity Nannies are a breath of fresh air to new mum's.

Our Maternity Nannies are fully vetted, interviewed and posses an Enhanced DBS and First Aid certificate.


Maternity Nannies are usually booked months in advance, with some starting before the baby's due date. Register today with our London Governess, Nanny and Tutor Agency and a consultant will be in touch.

Role of a Maternity Nurse/Nanny

Having a baby is an exciting time from decorating the room to choosing the essential items in preparation for when your baby arrives, yet the most life changing event and joyous occasion for some new mothers is masked by endless sleepless nights leaving you exhausted during the day. This is one reason why having a Maternity Nurse in the early stages can be a breath of fresh air to mother’s (and father’s), whether it is your first, second or even third baby.  They are there to ensure you get plenty of rest, so you have the energy to get through the day enabling you to spend quality time to bond with your little one.  They will also help establish a routine that you can continue with confidence after they have left.

A Maternity Nurse is an invaluable addition to any family; they provide support and guidance, and teach new parents how to care for their baby and impart knowledge about their development over the weeks and months ahead. 

Maternity Nurse or Maternity Nanny Duties

  • Feeding (formula or expressed milk)

  • Changing nappies (diapers) and cleaning

  • Bathing

  • Washing and care of clothes

  • Sterilising bottles

  • Keep baby’s bedroom clean and tidy

  • Going for walks

  • Keep record of baby's development progress (height, weight, sleep and feeding routine)

Maternity Nurses Specialist Training

  • Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition

  • Caring for Multiples

  • Sleep Training

  • Baby Massage

  • Premature Babies

  • Postnatal Depression

Maternity Nurse Hours, Contract Length & Accommodation

The hours and length of time a Maternity Nurse is employed will vary from one family to another.  They can work 24 hours, 5 or 6 days a week as the norm, or even cover the day or night time shift on a full or part-time basis.  Each contract can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months, and occasionally up to 6 months.  Your accommodation will be a shared room with the baby, or in a room next door. You are not responsible for the baby during your day off, and entitled to a separate room without the baby if you normally share during your working hours. If overseas, a hotel room may be provided to ensure you are fully rested. If in the UK and you are working close to home, then you can always go home to sleep on your day off. When working 24 hour days, you are also entitled to a few hours off in the day.

Maternity Nurse Salary Guide

Salaries will depend on experience, qualifications and location. and whether the Maternity Nurse will be caring for a single baby or multiples. Maternity Nurses are self-employed and responsible for paying their own tax and national insurance in the UK. Below is a guide only as to what you can expect on a 24 hour and hourly basis:

Maternity Nurse Qualifications & Experience

To enter the profession as a Maternity Nurse, also known as a Maternity Practitioner or Maternity Nanny - you will nowadays require some form of maternity training.  Without formal qualifications, it is unlikely that you will be considered to work in private residence in the UK or internationally, especially, for first time mothers and fathers.  However, the exception to this - is for those who have anywhere between 10 and 30 years plus experience, as many began their career long before qualifications came into force.  But, even these highly experienced and competent Maternity Nurses/Nannies will attend the array of courses on offer, to keep their skills and knowledge updated, which not only shows their commitment to the profession, but to stay at the top of their game in an industry that is highly competitive.  


Other professions, such as a Paediatric Nurse or Midwife who has worked in a hospital will be accepted to work in private residence due to their background working with mothers and their babies, which is supported by the high level of training and qualifications necessary to perform these specialised roles.  When starting out, it as advised to gain experience in several UK family homes, before committing to an overseas position.


Please see below for some of the best known maternity training companies, which offer qualifications that are OCN accredited and recognised internationally.  Babyem can help with placements which sets them apart from their competitors, enabling you to gain experience and develop your confidence in a maternity role. You will also receive a reference at the end of the placement, which is a positive step in helping you get started in your chosen career. 

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