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Bel-Rose International carefully selects Chauffeur's for CEO's, VIP's, Celebrities and High Profile and High Net Worth families and individuals that lead busy lifestyles.

We welcome Chauffeurs with industry experience and excellent verifiable references, and a clean license.  Stringent security checks apply to all candidates.

Role of a Chauffeur

The main purpose of employing a chauffeur is to transport their employer and any passengers to and from their destination in a safe, comfortable and efficient manner. This could include the office, airport, restaurant, theatre, shopping and events, as well as taking the children to and from school, and any activities they attend.

As a chauffeur, you need to be courteous, polite and professional. Equally, conversations that take place between your employers and any guests travelling, must be kept confidential at all times. You should not intervene or engage in conversation unless requested to do so and to be mindful of language used.  

You are expected to have excellent geographical knowledge and be able to use maps to ascertain best route, and equally, satellite navigation systems to get you from A to B.  There will be times when your employer's plans will change last minute, so you need to remain calm and unwavered with requests and instructions to drive somewhere being honoured during your working day, whether it is picking up the dry cleaning to additional errands independent of the employer.  


Chauffeurs require high standards of grooming and hygiene, and are usually required to wear a uniform, especially when employed in a more formal household and for special events.  A smart suit, however, is acceptable for most positions in private residence, it just depends on what your employer requests.  Normally, the employer will cover the cost of the uniform, or provide an allowance.


It is the chauffeur's responsibility to ensure the vehicle is properly maintained with all legal documentation up-to-date, as well as ensure it is immaculately clean inside and out.

Chauffeur Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure the vehicle has adequate fuel for each journey and the day ahead - fuelling up with employers in situ is not acceptable unless on very long journeys where this cannot be avoided.

  • Clean inside and outside the vehicle.

  • Have the vehicle professionally cleaned when required.

  • Carry out maintenance checks, such as oil, water, tyres, windscreen washer and make sure that all lights inside and out are functioning replacing bulbs where necessary.

  • Arrange regular service checks and hire an alternative vehicle of similar standard when the main car is in for maintenance work if required.

  • Book the car in for its yearly MOT.

  • Arrange insurance for purpose of use with appropriate roadside cover.

  • Keep all receipts with a record of all costs for the employer.

Chauffeur's Working Hours

A chauffeur's hours will vary according to the specific needs and requirements of their employer and can often be irregular, as well as involve early morning starts and finishing late in the evening. It will also include working weekends and bank holidays when required to do so.  To be a chauffeur your time keeping skills are crucial to this role as is your ability to offer complete flexibility.

Important:  Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle at any time! This includes when passengers are not present.  As a chauffeur you are to drive with the utmost care and attention in all weather conditions, adhering to speed limits and other rules and regulations pertaining to the road and driver safety, and those of its passengers which is imperative at all times. The use of alcohol or any form of substance abuse prior, during or on your way home from work when driving is illegal and will result in instant dismissal and may result in legal action being taken against you.

Chauffeur Qualifications

A full valid driver's license with clean record is required.  Additional qualifications are preferred and an essential requirement for some families and individuals, especially VIP's, Royalty, Celebrities, Pop Stars, Actors and Actresses, Government Officials and other High Profile and High Net Worth individuals is an advanced motoring qualification.  Some of these include the following:

  • Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) preferred.

  • The Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents (RoSPA) offers an excellent 5-day training course for Chauffeurs with certification provided and membership.

  • British Chauffeurs Guild

Most private families will only consider those with at least 5 years' minimum experience as a private chauffeur.

Private Chauffeur's Salary

Salaries can range from £18,000 to £32,000 for those with 0 to 10 years' experience.  Those with 10 plus years' experience can earn up to £50,000+. 

Please contact us at Bel-Rose International if you are a client looking to employ a Chauffeur. We are a Governess, Nanny, Tutor & Household Staffing Agency providing our services to clients in London and overseas.  If you are a candidate, please submit your CV/photo in the first instance. 

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