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Private Tutor, Homeschool, Exam Preparation, School Entrance Test Preparation | Bel-Rose International Governess, Nanny & Tutor Agency

Private Tutor

Experienced, qualified and degree educated private Tutor's and professionally trained Primary and Secondary Teachers.

Does your child require educational support to improve areas of learning? To prepare for an exam?  Or maybe you travel frequently and need a Home School Teacher? We can help.

Are you a PGCE or B.Ed Teacher? Have you worked in private residence before or looking to transition from teaching within a school?  If so, please get in touch.

Role of a Tutor & Teacher

Educators who teach in private residence are known as Tutors, though the term Teacher is equally used.  There is however, a difference between the two, but what they both have in common is, they impart knowledge that enables their students to progress. 

Private Tutor

Tutors provide valuable support with areas of learning that their student/s may find difficult, as well as develop concepts, problem solving and critical cognitive skills. They tend to work one-to-one tailoring lessons to the individuals needs and level of ability, drawing upon a broad range of teaching methods and learning styles that enable them to grasp the subject matter being taught.  Equally, they provide support with homework and reinforce what they are learning in school.  There is no law to state that Tutors have to be qualified in the subject matter they teach, though many are degree educated in their chosen field.

Qualified Primary & Secondary Teacher

Teachers on the other hand must be qualified and possess a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) or Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) for the UK, specific to their chosen age group.  This means, a teacher who studied for the primary phase on the PGCE course (lasts a year on a full-time basis or two years part-time) includes practical teaching placements in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two covering all core and foundation subjects. Those who choose the PGCE route for example, already possess a first degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science).  There are other routes to become a professional school teacher, but the main point to remember is this:  to teach in a British government maintained school, as well as independent schools, a teaching qualification is essential.


A TESOL or CELTA certificate does not allow you to teach in a government maintained, or independent school, to deliver the British or International Curriculum for example, but a language school which is totally different. Anyone who is considering teaching English language skills to children or adult learners in the UK or internationally, then we highly recommend the TESOL or CELTA (and higher courses/diploma) as they involve a practical teaching element as part of the course and are recognised worldwide. 

Duties of a Tutor & Teacher

  • Deliver all curricular subjects according to the British National Curriculum (or International/Cambridge/American Curriculum etc.) with a strong emphasis on English, Mathematics and Science

  • Develop Schemes of Work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives

  • Plan and prepare lessons and activities that take account of individual needs and level of ability

  • Implement a range of teaching and learning styles

  • Link prior knowledge to earlier learning and develop ways to deepen and extend this further, as well as challenge, motivate and inspire their love of learning

  • Organise classroom, or room within the home to create a positive learning environment

  • Set and mark homework, including all classwork, and provide written and oral feedback to aid progress

  • Set achievable goals with the child to ensure standards and progress is maintained and continuous

  • Monitor and carry out formative and summative assessment and record progress

  • Use data from on-going monitoring of progress and assessment to inform future planning

  • Provide regular feedback to parents and written reports at the end of each term

  • Instil good behaviour, manners and respect; ensure discipline is fair and consistent with sanctions for poor behaviour, as well as provide praise and encouragement in all aspects of their work and rewards for achievement

  • Arrange and co-ordinate activities inside and outside the school/home to include educational visits that support lesson objectives and extend knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live

  • Implement ICT across subjects as a teaching and learning tool, as well as a broad range of resources 

  • Provide opportunities to foster creative and artistic development, as well as develop independent learning through an inquiry approach that will foster skills within this area

When working in private residence in a role that is purely academic, it is important for parents to understand that teaching requires a lot of research and preparation (may involve developing own resources at times) with additional time spent writing up lesson plans (not always required in private residence, but any professional teacher will keep some form of record), preparing assessments and marking of work in addition to practical teaching.

Tutor & Teacher Salary

Salaries can range from £600 to £1400 (full-time) depending on location, qualifications, experience, hours and job requirements.

Tutor & Teacher Accommodation

If applicable, most notably international roles when hired from overseas; this will be a private apartment outside the family home, usually within walking distance, or a driver will collect you and take you home at the end of the day.  If live-in, a separate bedroom with bathroom is provided inside the home or staff house located within the grounds.  When travelling, separate accommodation is usually provided.  Separate accommodation is sometimes provided for full-time London tutoring roles or when combined with other aspects of a role, such as those of a Governess or Nanny.

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