Terms and Conditions of Business

The following Terms and Conditions are between the Agency and the Client.  By registering verbally or in writing via email, registration or contact form, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions set out herein. It is legally binding in accordance with the laws of England and the Client agrees to submit wholly to the British jurisdiction of the English courts.


The term Agency means Bel-Rose International.

The term Client means Employer.

The term Candidate means Employee.



Bel-Rose International supplies Nannies, Maternity Nannies, Governesses, Teachers, and domestic Household Staff, as well as other childcare, educational and household staff not listed on our website on request - that are employed in private residence, or other private sector, such as yachts, functions and events.  We act solely as an introduction Agency and endeavour to find suitable Candidates based on verbal or/and written confirmation of requirements from Clients - this means, Candidates are employed by the Client not the Agency.

The Agency interviews Candidates (via Skype or in person where possible) checking the references and qualifications with the relevant bodies/institutions.  Candidates must provide all original documentation at interview including 2 forms of identification (passport, birth certificate, drivers licence) and an Enhanced Disclosure (DBS formally known as CRB) or Police Check from their home country.  Copies of all documentation is held by the Agency under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) , a revision of the Data Protection Act 1998 in order to provide our services to you.  Clients and Candidates are responsible for reading and accepting the terms of the Privacy Policy before registering.

Despite stringent checks carried out on Candidates, the Agency cannot under any circumstances guarantee the suitability of Candidates introduced to Clients, this includes but not limited to their honesty, reliability, history, character and professionalism.  The Agency, therefore, cannot be held accountable under any circumstances for ‘any’ problems that arise from an introduction or subsequent employment of your chosen Candidate.  The Agency also accepts ‘no’ liability for any loss, damage, expense or compensation suffered or incurred by any Candidate introduced to the Client by the Agency directly or indirectly.


A Candidate introduced to you by, or through the Agency for interview, or/and commencement of employment requires you to:

  1. Inform the Agency with immediate effect.

  2. Notify the Agency if a temporary contract of Candidate becomes permanent agreeing to pay applicable fees set out herein.

  3. Cover travel expenses for Candidates attending interview who live outside London and all related costs for those attending interviews overseas, to include travel insurance.

  4. Arrange travel and cover costs related to the Candidate taking up employment overseas, ensuring all visas, work permits, health insurance, travel insurance are in place prior to travelling/commencement of employment and any overseas travel as part of the Candidates contractual duties.

  5. Pay Candidates Tax and National Insurance; and pay salaries net by method agreed by Client and Candidate.

  6. Draw up employment contract clarifying duties and responsibilities, days and hours worked, days off, holidays paid and unpaid per year (the latter if applicable), accommodation provided when in home country and travelling.  Any other information deemed relevant to ensure all eventualities are covered. A *draft contract can be provided for you to use and amend accordingly free of charge.

  7. Keep Candidate information confidential and not to disclose, communicate, or make public, the same either directly or indirectly via third parties.

  8. Pay Agency fees as set out in our ‘Fee and Refund Policy’ section below.

* Draft Contract:  The Agency accepts no liability whatsoever to the written contents of the draft contract between the Client and the Candidate.  It is used as a guide and is not drawn up by a lawyer. 

Fee and Refund Policy


All fees must be paid within 7 working days from the date of invoice and prior to Candidate taking up employment.  All last minute bookings/emergency cover, whether permanent or temporary within the United Kingdom or overseas is to be paid with immediate effect.  Late payments will incur a 20% surcharge to cover administration costs.


Clients wishing to re-employ a Candidate, originally introduced by the Agency are required to go via the Agency and not the Candidate.  Fees will apply as normal as set out herein.

If a temporary placement becomes permanent, then the fee paid for the temporary placement will be deducted from the permanent fee.  The difference between the two is the new fee payable and to be paid in full within 7 working days.


On confirmation of a booking and subsequently cancelled by the Client prior to commencement of employment, the Client will be charged a cancellation fee of 60% of the engagement fee plus one week's salary payable to the Candidate.


To obtain a full refund, you must notify the Agency verbally and confirm in writing 14 days prior to commencement of employment as dated in the agreed contract between the Agency and Client.  One weeks’ agreed salary as stated in the contract is to be paid to the Candidate.  Failure to notify the Agency will require you to pay costs as set out above in ‘cancellation’ paragraph.

On commencement of a Candidate taking up employment and subsequently leaving within the 84 days for those who signed a one-year contract - refunds will only be payable to the Client as follows:

The Client accepts that after 84 consecutive days the Candidates probationary period is deemed satisfactory and no refund will be given.


A full refund will be given should the Candidate not commence employment as agreed in the signed contract.

Trial period

Clients who choose to trial a Candidate or several Candidates will be charged as set out in 'Temporary Fees' per Candidate.


In the event of a Candidates permanent employment contract being terminated prematurely by the Client within the probationary period (84 days/12 weeks), the Agency will supply a replacement free of charge providing:


  1. The invoice was paid in full within 7 days, or as soon as prior to commencement of employment.

  2. The duties and responsibilities of the Candidate given to the Agency via the Client are not significantly different to what was originally agreed in the contract between the Client and Candidate.

The Agency requires 28 days in which to source a replacement.  If a suitable Candidate is found based on your initial requirements stated in the registration process, verbally or/and written and not offered employment, no refund will be payable.  If the Agency is unable to find a suitable Candidate within 28 days, then the fee payable by the Client to the Agency will be that calculated based on the fees for employment of temporary staff.  Such fees are payable in the event the Client no longer requires the Agency to find a replacement.  Please see below the fees payable by the Client to the Agency for the service we provide.  

Fee Structure for Permanent Staff (net of annual salary)

Fee Structure for Temporary Staff 

Please Note:  Other Household Staff fees as stated under Permanent and Temporary are for Butlers, Chefs, Chauffeurs and Household Managers.  Fees for additional staffing not mentioned is available on request.

Trial Period Fee

Clients who choose to trial a Candidate or several Candidates before offering a Permanent Contract to their chosen Candidate are required to pay the fees as set out under 'Fee Structure for Temporary Staff' for each and every Candidate - payable to the Agency. 

Please note: Temporary placements are up to 12 weeks maximum (84 days), where permanent fees apply thereafter.  The fees quoted for a teacher (permanent & temporary) are for those who trained as teachers and have qualified teacher status (QTS).  The above temporary fees are subject to a minimum fee of £175 for UK placements and £325 for roles outside the UK. 

All fees are to be paid in GBP sterling.

By registering you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Agency as set out herein and to the collection, processing and storing of your personal information to provide our services to you as stated in our Privacy Policy.

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